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Simple Solar System: This solar system is consist of two panels each 210 watts producing 420 watts per hour of power. With a charge controller, it charges and maintains 5 deep cell batteries, which is stored in the batteries for use when we come out of the fields.  This provides enough power to run a couple of lights and a computer system for the portable office. The mounting system for this unit is also made from recycled wood and metal products. It is moved by hand to position for maximum sunlight throughout the year. Remember, a 100 watt light bulb can drain a 95AH battery in one hour. We use 9 watt energy star light bulbs, which give off equivalent light of 40 watt bulbs.

Also, we have set up two 15 watt panels (30 watts per hour) on a post. 
These provide power to 2 deep cell batteries, through a charge controller,  
for back up lighting.

The Portable Solar System is set in the back of a recycled old trailer. This consists of three 15 watt panels, a charge controller, a 300 watt inverter , two 5 watt bulbs, and two deep cell batteries. The batteries are placed in used plastic bins (to protect from rain) with holes drilled for ventilation, to eliminated battery gases, and run charging wires. Also the charge controller is set in another bin with holes drilled. This portable solar unit works perfectly for taking to the field for emergency light or as a yard light. It is available as a 45 watt Solar Kit. 

Wood Heat: The portable office is set up with wood heat. Nothing goes to waste here. As the forest is cleaned up, everything is cut and split to provide heat. There are no burn piles here, as in regular fields. 
We use it ALL - even the tree tops. 

Irrigation: Our simple irrigation system build with bits and pieces of recycled and new pvc. It is set up in straight lines with wings to the left and right - shut off valves have been placed along the 2 inch pvc (which is buried 8 to 10 inches deep in case of freeze) to each wing. The wings have raisers which are made from 3/4 inch pvc, each having its own shut off valve. In the winter the valves are opened to drain back to the 2 inch pipe. Some of the wings are set up with hose connections. Our trees are started here in ground and in containers. When ready, they are moved to the wetlands and fields. The valve covers are made of recycled 5 gallon buckets in which the bottoms have been cut off to slip over each valve. The bucket tops are removed and replaced when you access each valve. The difficult part of this project was hand digging the 1200 feet of trench. Don't ever let anyone tell you it won't work. 
This simple system works Perfectly.

Two 210 watt provide 420 watts per hour
Solar mount moveable metal bracket
Two 15 watt  solar panels produce 30 watts of energy per hour
Portable Solar Unit produces 45 watts of energy per hour that is stored