Environmental Bird Finders 
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Environmental Bird Finders Goals:
As you know the wide open spaces are rapidly vanishing from the 
United States of America. 
Nature, the wildlife, birds, and the fish all feel this stress. 
Undeveloped land provides a foundation for Important ecological functions 
to take place. While working on this land, our Goal at EBF is
to create and maintain a diverse landscape, while still conserving and 
preserving the natural landscape, ecosystem and replanting the various 
natural resources to provide Important nesting and foraging
areas and food for Resident Birds, Migratory Birds, and all Fish and Wildlife. Larger tracts of land provide a habitat for the wildlife and birds that cannot survive in a confined environment. The wide open spaces also improve the capability for the land to filter and absorb rainwater properly.  
We are working together to make this happen. 

EBF believes every effort counts no matter how big or small!